Overview Of Flo-Guard System

How the Flo-Guard System Works


Click on image to enlarge it! The Flo-Guard system is activated to turn on or off the water by either a unique wall switch that comes with the system, or by a security or home/building automation system.

The wall switch is similar to a standard light switch in your home, but with some unique features like a small blue light to indicate if the water is on or off. There’s also a special wall plate that goes with the switch. The switch is typically placed near the main entry/exit of the dwelling so the water can conveniently be turned on or off. Each Flo-Guard kit includes one wall switch but more can be added if needed.

The system can also be connected to a security or home/building automation system so Click on image to enlarge it!that it works ‘behind the scenes’ to do what those systems can’t – turn on and off the water. It can be connected so that as the security system ‘stay’ or ‘away’ mode is activated, the Flo-Guard system will turn off the water either instantly or after a pre-set delay. With a security or home/building automation system, the Flo-Guard system can be controlled remotely as well.

In applications controlled mainly by a security or home/building automation system, the manual wall switch can be used as an emergency water shut off to turn off the water quickly due to a plumbing leak - or if the kids are getting out of hand with the watering hose outside.


Delayed Water Shut Off

The Flo-Guard System can be configured so its activation from the wall switch or other system turns off the water either instantly, or after a preset delay from 30 minutes to 16 hours.

This is helpful if you need to leave home just after starting the dishwasher or a load of clothes. You can come back to a home that was protected from plumbing leaks.

Bypass – Temporary Water Use

The Flo-Guard System can be connected to any system that uses water like an irrigation system, humidification system, water softener system, water-powered back up sump pump system, etc. so that if the Flo-Guard System has turned off the water to protect the dwelling, any one or more of these system can tell the Flo-Guard System to temporarily turn the water back on while water is needed. Then when the system is done doing its job, the Flo-Guard System turns the water back off.

Battery Backup

The Flo-Guard System includes a battery and is designed so that if the main power is lost, the water valve closes and the dwelling is protected.

System Components

The Flo-Guard System is sold as a kit including the four basic parts:


Click on image to enlarge it! The transformer plugs into any standard 110VAC outlet within 150 feet of the building systems interface. The transformer is similar to other transformers used for electronic devices like printers or computers. It provides a safe, 24VAC low voltage power source for the system.

Building Systems Interface (Controller)

Click on image to enlarge it! The Building Systems Interface (the Flo-Guard System Controller) is similar to a security system enclosure and can be mounted anywhere inside. For wet or extreme locations, an optional weatherproof enclosure is available.

Water Control Valve

The water control valve should be mounted as close to and down-stream of the water meter for the dwelling. This will provide maximum protection against water leaks. The water control valve is an industrial device designed for use on residential and commercial applications. The valve includes a manual bypass feature so that if main power is lost for an extended period, the valve can be bypassed to provide water.

Flo-Guard offers many types of water control valves for all applications and pipe sizes.

The valve should be installed by a licensed professional plumber and according to local building codes.


The transformer, Building Systems Interface, and water control valve are connected by a 4-conductor cable. The cable is also used to connect the Flo-Guard system to the other systems noted as well. Included with the Flo-Guard System is 150 feet of cable.

Also in every Flo-Guard System kit are detailed installation instructions and warranty registration card.

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