Our Background

Flo-Guard, Inc. has its origin in the old saying “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The idea started when a good friend of the founder, Paul Candela, had a catastrophic plumbing leak in his home just after investing a lot of money in finishing his basement. The leak caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage and destroyed precious family heirlooms.

Being a degreed Electrical Engineer with lots of experience in control systems, and also having just finished his own basement, Paul began to think of a way to prevent this type of problem in his own house. What he created was a simple yet effective system that prevented leaks by shutting off the water when needed.

That basic idea has evolved from its roots into a far more advanced system today through lots of hard work and collaboration with the professional plumbing industry. The Flo-Guard System is simple yet far more flexible and scalable compared to other systems. 

Most importantly it’s based on the tenet of “prevention rather than cure”, meaning it’s better to prevent a plumbing leak before it can happen, than to deal with shutting off the water and cleaning up the mess after a leak has already occurred.


Competitive Difference

After some initial experimenting to develop a working system, Paul began to realize the potential of creating a business with his idea. But, having only a basic understanding of plumbing, Paul sought the advice of an experienced plumber. With some searching, Paul met John Nussbaum, who is a widely recognized Master Plumber and actively involved in many plumbing related organizations both at the local and national level. These include PMC Detroit, ASSE International, PHCC, and MCAA to name a few.

With Paul’s background in engineering and business, and John’s background in the plumbing industry, a team was soon formed to develop the best overall water leak mitigation system that not only meets the real, practical needs of both contractors, and the home and business owners, but also ensures the Flo-Guard System is installed correctly and meets building codes.

This team has stayed true to its goal in developing the Flo-Guard System by conducting industry and consumer focus groups, testing beta level and pre-production systems to gain valuable feedback, and working closely with the plumbing industry to ensure that the system meets the present and future needs of residential and commercial plumbing systems.

The goal – To develop and provide a plumbing leak prevention system that prevents leaks, not just reduces them, to home and business owners; and make sure the systems are installed correctly.

With hard work and perseverance, Paul and John have developed a multi-patented system that offers true leak prevention, rather than cure.


Flo-Guard, Inc. today works with home and business owners, contractors, and insurance companies to design, deliver, and install our plumbing leak mitigation system® for residential, commercial, and industrial application from coast to coast.

Our systems work in any application independently or in harmony with security and automation systems. 

Give us a call at 866-FLO-GUARD (866-356-4827) to find out how we can help “prevent rather than cure” a plumbing leak problem for you.

Overview Of Flo-Guard System